General Educational Development (GED) Preparation All Inclusive Courses

This online self-paced course will allow you to work through materials addressing all five subject areas tested on the GED exams - English Language Arts Reading, English Language Arts Writing,Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. You will write five online quizzes, compose one essay and complete the course by writing five supervised tests. This course builds your skills and confidence and simulates the official GED exam experience. Earning GED accreditation requires a score of 450 (approximately 65%) on each Official GED test. Please note this is an online course with paper based exams that can be written at Bow Valley College or sent to a Proctor/Partner College of your choice. Contact with your Instructor or Educational Assistant is through email and web conferencing during regular business days. Ask questions and get answers online! This course includes a course guide, practice tests, and extra resources to help you succeed. A course activity calendar helps you pace yourself through the course.

Additional Information

Textbooks must be purchased separately and are not included in the course fees. Arrangements to write the official GED Tests must be made by the student. This course starts on a monthly basis, continually throughout the year. You have up to 24 weeks to complete the course, but since this is a self-paced option, you may finish as quickly as possible. For more information, visit