Financial Coaching

Welcome to Bow Valley College Financial Coaching course. This course aims to provide front-line workers with the skills  necessary to effectively coach low-income Calgarians one-on-one. This course is designed for individuals who already possess  a strong foundation in Financial Literacy and want to expand on their expertise to work with barriered clients in Calgary. This course empowers learners to:
• Differentiate between financial counselling and financial coaching, and know when it is appropriate to use each,
• Understand the unique challenges and barriers faced by low income clients,
• Identify and practice coaching strategies,
• Expand the knowledge of the community referral base and how to improve client advocacy, and
• Foster long-term financial coaching relationships with clients and effectively follow up.

Additional Information

The Financial Coaching Course is offered through blended delivery consisting of 3 online modules and a 2-day workshop.
Online Course Work:
During the online course work, the learner is expected to complete all required readings and learner notes. There will be activities at the end of each module to explore a deeper understanding of the content.

2-Day Workshop:
The 2-day workshop will focus on hands-on learning experiences, role-playing scenarios, and a deeper exploration of the online content. Be prepared to work in small groups and one-on-one coaching settings.

The Online Toolkit:
The online toolkit has been designed to provide the learner with the tools provided during the workshop, as well as additional documents and resources that will enhance their coaching program. The learner will have access to this online toolkit during and after the course completion.

It is strongly recommended that before enrolling in the Financial Coaching course, applicants should have one of the following pre-requisites completed to demonstrate a strong foundation of Financial Literacy:

• Momentum’s  ‘Train the Facilitator’
• Momentum’s Money Management Skills (5 workshops)
• Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada (AFCC) Certification
• Money Mentors Core Financial Fitness Education program (8 online modules)
• Prosper Canada Financial Literacy Facilitator course (7-weeks online),
• or demonstrate equivalent experience

Participants who successfully complete one of the course pre-requisites and the Financial Coaching course will have the opportunity to participate in the Community of Practice made available through the Financial Empowerment Collaborative of Calgary

For more information contact Blanquita Rebolone de Colley at 403-410-1423 or