Feng Shui Advanced

This course prepares you to do consultations, examining the role of spirituality and intuition, how to cultivate your own personal practice of well-being, and transmute energy using the bagua.  Other topics include using Feng Shui to clear illness, and spaces, as well as blessing ceremonies.
Feng Shui, pronounced Fung Shway, is the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house.
Origin of feng shui, 1795-1800; < Chinese: natural surroundings, literally, wind and water

Additional Information

All learning materials are provided in class.
To earn the Feng Shui Consultant Certificate, complete all three courses (IDEC9111, IDEC9112, IDEC9113). 
For more information, or to request your certificate, please email