Intercultural Communication Skills to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace I

An introduction to intercultural models and tools will support the development of the skills necessary to work in diverse workplace settings.  Participants increase their self-awareness to improve their ability to communicate cross-culturally focusing on the advantages of diversity and honing skills to promote inclusivity. 
In this course participants will;
• Increase their self-awareness by identifying and articulating insights into their own culture(s) including values, preferences and biases.
• Demonstrate an understanding of selected intercultural models, and their application to one’s own experience.
• Utilize selected intercultural tools to foster a deeper understanding and perspectives of different cultural orientations.
• Demonstrate an awareness of how cultural identity shapes behaviour and assumptions.
• Personal Reflection Assignment: reflect on their own communication practices to identify strengths and areas that need more development.
• Enhance self-management by developing the capacity to deal with ambiguity, the ability to be flexible and adaptable, and manage emotional responses to differences.

Additional Information

This course is the first course in the Intercultural Competencies for Leaders Certificate (non-credit).This certificate program is designed for anyone working in diverse workplace settings.  Skills learned in the program will support effective communication with an increased understanding in working with others who come from diverse backgrounds. Participants will need to successfully complete 4 courses to earn the certificate. Courses 1 and 2 are the foundational courses and it is highly recommended when taking the full certificate to take them in order. Participants can choose which two of the remaining courses they wish to complete to earn the certificate. Participants are evaluated on their participation in the program; must satisfactorily complete all requirements and achieve a 65% minimum on the final quiz.
Requirements include participating in and completing;
• 12 hours online content and assignments
• 1 final course quiz (minimum passing grade 65%)
• 1 comprehensive final assignment


Start Date:
October 02, 2017
End Date:
October 27, 2017
Distance Learning
Any-time Online
Hours of Study: