Intercultural Communication Skills to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace II

An application of skills and knowledge gained in Course 1,  (IIAD9101) will support participants to analyze real world workplace case studies to further their intercultural development.  Participants will enhance their understanding of workplace communication dynamics and equip themselves with tools and strategies to mitigate miscommunication that is culturally based.
In this course participants will;
• Apply tools and strategies to help better understand messages and behaviours that are culturally motivated.
• Apply key intercultural communication skills to a workplace situation.
• Describe and analyze an intercultural interaction.
• Develop cultural knowledge by fostering an informed critical awareness and understanding of cultural differences, similarities and ambiguities.
• Demonstrate curiosity and openness by asking questions and seeking information about others, and understanding the cultural whys behind others’ behaviour.
• Build capacity and skill in shifting frames of references and transcending one’s own perspective in order to work more effectively with others. 

Additional Information

This course is the second required course in the Intercultural Competencies for Leaders Certificate, which was designed for anyone working in diverse workplace settings.  Skills learned in the program will support effective communication with an increased understanding in working with others who come from diverse backgrounds. Participants will need to successfully complete 4 courses to earn the certificate. Courses 1 and 2 are the foundational courses and it is highly recommended that they are completed in order before taking any of the options. Participants can choose which two of the remaining courses they wish to complete to earn the certificate. Participants are evaluated on their participation in the program; must satisfactorily complete all requirements and achieve a 65% minimum on the final quiz.
Requirements include participating in and completing;
• 12 hours online content and assignments
• 1 final course quiz (minimum passing grade 65%)
• 1 comprehensive final assignment


Start Date:
November 02, 2017
End Date:
December 01, 2017
Any-time Online
Hours of Study: