Indigenous Awareness: Engaging Diversity and Inclusion

An introduction to Indigenous histories and contemporary realities in Canada - including relationships to land, identities, and cultural knowledges ¬- will support the development of the skills and understanding necessary to work in diverse workplace settings with Indigenous peoples.  Participants increase their knowledge and skills to work cross-culturally focusing on the advantages of diversity and honing skills to promote inclusivity.
In this course participants will;
• Describe and explain the historical and contemporary contexts of Indigenous peoples in Canada through exploration of Indigenous perspectives on land, identities, treaties and laws as well as implications for Indigenous peoples navigating assimilation and oppression in Canada.
• Challenge myths about Indigenous peoples, describe unique cultural differences and foundational Indigenous ways of knowing, and identify influential Indigenous peoples and programs in Canada.
• Develop strategies for recreating their relationships with Indigenous peoples through contrasting personal ways of being with Indigenous ways of being, exploring Indigenous media, art and culture, and a final assignment which consolidates participants’ personal experience during this course.

Additional Information

This course is part of the Intercultural Competencies for Leaders Certificate. This certificate program is designed for anyone working in diverse workplace settings.  Skills learned in the program will support effective communication with an increased understanding in working with others who come from diverse backgrounds. Participants will need to successfully complete 4 courses to earn the certificate. It is highly recommended that you take Intercultural Communication Skills I and II (IIAD9101 and IIAD9102) before you take this course. ICS I and II are the foundational courses for this certificate and will enrich your learning in this course.
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This initiative is supported by:

Calgary Foundation


Start Date:
October 02, 2017
End Date:
October 27, 2017
Distance Learning
Any-time Online
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